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Release History

Version Date Description
2.3.2 2011-04-18
1.2.7f 2009-01-25

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Release 2.3.2 - 2011-04-18

Type Changes By
Yearly and monthly effort calendar (yearly survey on vessel effort). Sodifrance
Yearly "gear physical features" survey. Sodifrance
New features on "observed fishing trip" : manage gear physical features directly on fishing trip screen. Sodifrance
Improve activity calendar screen. Sodifrance
Improve synchronization performance (data import/export). Sodifrance
More option on "program/strategy" features. Sodifrance

Release 1.2.7f - 2009-01-25

Type Changes By
Observed fishing trip (on board : activity observation, biological sampling, etc.) Sodifrance
Activity Calendar (vessel monthly activity) Sodifrance
Browse referential (Location, User, Parameter...) Sodifrance
Improve synchronization (data import/export) performance Sodifrance