About MDA - Model Driven Architecture

Allegro use Model Driven Architecture (MDA) methodology, to manage code by conceptual models.

Main concepts of the MDA methodology are :

  • A unique Platform Independent Model (PIM), with all business concepts (with MagicDraw UML designer);
  • Transform the PIM into one Platform Specific Model (PSM) for each targeted platform :
    • PSM are generate by a Model-to-Model transformation, suing MIA-transformation software.
    • According to the defined architecture, two PSMs are generated : a client and a server model.
  • Use PSFM to generate specific code for the targeted platform :
    • Code generation use AndroMDA, a "powerful Open Source MDA Generator".
    • Generated files are :
    • Web Service layer : Spring configuration file for Xfire;
    • Business Layer : Spring configuration, Java Interface and a default implementation,
    • DAO layer : Spring configuration, Hibernate mapping files, Java Beans (Entities), CRUD interfaces, default CRUD implementations

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