Installation requirements for Allegro (client part)

To ensure that your Allegro (client part) runs smoothly, please review the following information:

Step 1. System minimum requirements

Check your computer for the following minimum requirements.

  • Operating system :
    • Microsoft Windows XP (Home Edition, Professional, Media Center Edition, or Tablet PC Edition) with Service Pack 2 (SP2 or later) operating system
    • Microsoft Windows Vista
    • Microsoft Windows 7
    • Microsoft Windows 8
    • NOTE :
      • MacOSX : not tested (to test it : ask for a special binary to our support team).
  • Internet connection (broadband recommended) :
    • 2 Mbps (input)
    • 1 Mbps (output)
  • Hardware :
    • PC with 2 GHz or faster CPU speed ( > Dual Core recommended)
    • RAM : 3 GB
    • Available hard disk space : 1,1 GB (600 MB for installation & use + 500 MB of available space required for database backup)
    • Screen size : 17 inches (21 inches recommended )
    • Display resolution :
      • Minimum vertical resolution : 960 pixels
      • Minimum horizontal resolution : 1280 pixels

Step 2. PC configuration requirements

For client/server mode, please check the following configuration requirements on your PC:

  • Make sure your firewall allow connection on protocol/port: HTTP/80 and HTTPS/443. To learn more about managing your firewall, please contact your system administrator.

Step 3. Make sure you are logged in as an Administrator on your computer

You need to have a user account with administrative privileges on your computer in order to install programs like Allegro. To give yourself administrative privileges, you can either log on to the computer with the username "Administrator" (and its password), or use another account that you know has Administrator permissions.

To find out which permissions your user account has:

  • Click Start on the Windows taskbar, then click Control Panel.
  • Double-click User Accounts. The listings in the Group category will tell you what kind of permissions your current account has.

To learn more about managing Windows user permission levels, click Start on the Windows taskbar, then click Help and Support.