Allegro is divided into two main components:

  • Client part:
    • A desktop application (Java rich client),
    • An embedded database (DBMS), for standalone use.
  • Server part:
    • An application server (JEE application),
    • A relational database (RDBMS), with GIS capabilities.

Client part

Allegro client is a "rich client" software, built on top of several open sources frameworks and softwares:

  • Java desktop application (JRE 1.6),
  • Rich client SWT, using Eclipse RCP framework (version 3.4),
  • Plugin based (using OSGi specification),
  • Embedded database:
    • HSQL DB database - default implementation (version,
  • OS compatibility : Windows (XP, Vista, Seven) - 32 bit.

Other databases may be used (Oracle, PostgreSQL), but development are needed.

Server part

Allegro server part is built on top of most standard JEE patterns and frameworks, and could be deployed on a JEE server :

  • Web services layer, using XFire (version 1.2.6),
  • Business layer, using IoC Spring Framework (version 2.0.6),
  • Data Access Object, using Hibernate (version 3.1.3).

Supported database (spatial capabilities need) :

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