About Allegro project

Allegro is a part of the Halieutic Information System (SIH), developed by Ifremer.

Allegro aims to manage and collect halieutic raw data.


With Allegro, you we be able to :

  • Manage all kind of halieutic data. Supported raw data are :
    • Declarative data (development not started) :
      • Log book (trip, operation, transshipment, catch and discard, effort),
      • Landing,
      • Sale
    • Survey data :
      • Observed fishing trip (trip, operation, catch and discard, effort),
      • Gear physical features survey,
      • Survey at landing (development in progress),
      • Daily activity calendar (practiced metier by day) for artisanal fisheries,
      • Monthly activity calendar (practiced metier by month),
      • Monthly effort calendar (gear use features by month),
      • Economical survey (development not started),
    • Scientific survey for stock assessment (on research vessel),
    • Biological sampling (during fishing trip, at landing, in sale room...).
  • Fill raw data, in user-friendly forms.
  • Export raw data (PDF or plain text).
  • Manage your data collecting network : user, referential data, data collecting strategy...
  • Work in two modes :
    • Standalone mode : to use at home, on board, without an Internet connection...
    • Client/server mode : need the Allegro-Server part and a Internet connection.
  • Both modes could be used : synchronize your data with a Internet connection, then use in standalone mode on board (with TablePC) !

Check requirements for Allegro installation requirements.


The following files can be downloaded :


The following documentation is available :

Main components

Allegro is divided into two main components :

  • Client part :
    • A desktop application (Java rich client),
    • An embedded database (DBMS), for standalone use.
  • Server part :
    • An application server (JEE application),
    • A relational database (RDBMS), with GIS capabilities.

Have a look at the architecture presentation.